About Us

      TAIZHOU PROMISE METAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. is a new one soon after the establishment of private joint-stock company, in its inception, the company established the world's best mold of the grand goal to establish the direction of the company mission to achieve customer value。
      The company covers an area of over 5000 square meters, production workshop covers an area of 3600 square meters.Located in prime known as "orange," Huangyan western region Toutuo town.Key personnel of mold production, sales, mainly producing all kinds of stamping mold, auto color mode, IT, medical, daily-use cosmetics and other precision mold.
      Although we are young, but our team is the industry's elite ...

Team Spirit

PROMISE understands:not highly collaborative team culture, it not to mention the high quality products, just like the machine above The first gear and a screwdriver, everyone can not be Or absence of each individual's role should not be overlooked and so, one for each team, we have strict Eligibility requirements and assist each other to meet and strive to efficient!

Exquisite Craft

Specialized in the mold of high precision machining and personalized fixed System services. Exquisite, more than the maturity of the process, we Management emphasis on attitude, unique service, we Insignificant things to do perfect. Important things to do flawless accuracy To motivate customers.

Our Products

CIGNA's technical standards by international standards, I Can also tailor-made according to customer requirements, the most Large extent, to meet customer demand! CIGNA anxious customers Anxious, worry about customer concerns, to ensure that goods under the premise to The fastest delivery. CIGNA mold, precision amount A tailored!